Types of transformation process in the system of values and dynamics of cultural development

  • Өзбек Синан University of Qodjaeli
  • Оралбай Қабул Eurasian national university named after L. Gumilev


This article refers to the structure of Kazakh families consisting of three generations: grandfather, father, son. The older generation with increasing responsibilities and roles in society should be a role model to the younger generation, to know themselves, to support good beginnings of the young, to point out their mistakes, give advice and guide you on the right path. It is noted that the concept of the older generation, as coordinator and regulator, has a very important institutional function in the traditional tribal kinship system of relations. It is obvious that in particular in the education of children formed the cultural values of each people. In addition, the father’s behavior, his relationships with other people, his knowledge and talent to serve the child an example to follow, they are reference points. Therefore, the continuity of generations is an urgent problem. Continuity exists as between father and son and between grandfather and grandson. The younger generation is not only the successor of our lives, but also support our country, his unwavering future. The child is the most precious value of mankind, its joy. Thechild is an independent person. Despite the fact that its natural qualities, human values are formed inthe family, at the school, in social environment, the main teachers of a child are parents. No wonderthey say: «Grandfather looking at grandson with hope, and the grandson of his grandfather with suspicion.» Because between them is very large temporary space. If the Grandchild is the beginning of a newGrandfather – the end of the old. Grandparents are people with more life experience, seen the good andthe bad. Therefore, for the unity of the country it is impossible to interrupt a binding thread betweengrandfather and grandson. Between them is a father. It is stressed that three generations, and accordinglythree system of values, in turn, should serve the development of society.Key words: society, values, transformation of values, continuity, culture, social relations, social environment,tradition, ideology, ethnicity.
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