Development of anthropological methodology in relationship between "Self and other"


The study examines the shift of perspective on research target and evolution of anthropological theoryand methodology since the Enlightenment to the modern times. Anthropologists have contributed tothe study of others, with the aim of colonial rule in undeveloped and undifferentiated societies since thetime of enlightenment. They have made the mistake of tailoring other cultures from a western perspective.As an alternative for that problem, they have attempted to develop anthropological methodologiessuch as cultural relativism and insider perspectives. However, in advanced research methods, there isa dilemma of inequality in the relationship between researchers and research targets. In the process ofresearch, the interaction between the researcher and the target influences the research result, and therefore,a device was devised to explore the self, the researcher as a participant of research while studyingand writing. As a research method, historical and literature data were examined to reveal the debatesthat have been turning points from the Enlightenment to the present in the evolution of anthropologicalmethodologies and theories.Key words: anthropological methodology, anthropological theory, fieldwork, ‘self and other’, researchmethods.
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