Noospheric-symbol paradigm to civil authentication of global socium

  • E. L. Gorelikov Novgorod State University. Yaroslav the Wise


The basic grounds of consolidation of civil kernel of global socium are determined in the article. The general paradigm of development of global socium is noospheric-symbol conception of world integrity. As fundamental principle of development of modern society the educational sphere of public practice is examined. The leading subject of realization of educational strategy in life of global socium is civil society. The creative resources of civil society are identified by natural-science thought of intellectual persons and creative idea of socially-humanitarian intelligentsia. The conceptual base of social activity of intelligentsia noospheric serves as scientifically-philosophical paradigm. The universal laws of verballysymbol intercourse of people come forward universal basis of integral scientifically-philosophical thought. The laws of language constitute the rational line-up of global socium. Key words: noospheric paradigm, global socium, civil society, civil personality, intelligentsia, educational society, ontological symbolism.
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