Transformation of political consciousness of student youth in Kazakhstan

  • Н. Саитова
  • Ш. Халикова


In the conditions of modernization of Kazakhstan society, younger generation as the bearer of new social and political values takes special responsibility in strengthening the sovereignty. In the article there is defined the meaning of value orientations of Kazakhstan students for the society and state through the studying of occurring changes. Valuable orientations of modern students are interrelated system of values, exerting influence on each other. The analysis shows that in the present time in the conditions of market reforms, there is a clear trend (increasingly in recent years), the steady increase in the importance of family values and personal, material and utilitarian nature, which leads to a change in the overall picture of the political orientations of young people.Key words: student youth, political consciousness, value orientation, pragmatism, rationality, self-development, religious identity, participation in political parties and movements, attitudes toward politics and political issues.
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