New youth policy of Kazakhstan: transition mechanisms

  • M. A. Mekebaeva Әл-Фараби атындағы Қазақ ұлттық университеті


The success of the formation of the ideology in Kazakhstan could unite young people of all ethnic groups depends on the successful resolution of the language question - in other words, to overcome existing at the moment of cultural and linguistic separation of Kazakh society. This is possible only through the successful implementation of the Kazakh language as a functioning (and at fi rst, at least comprehensible) state language. This fact leads to emphasize the language problem as one of the strategic directions of the state ethnic policy. Now days there are two major problems of implementation of the Kazakh language: the fi rst, and most important - is the lack of incentive for study Kazakh language by Russianspeaking youth. However, the lack of incentive should not be confused with a lack of a real need to address the problem for society as a whole - especially in the medium and long term. The second reason are the conditions of language teaching, ie instrumental problem in the fi rst place, methodical nature. However, there has been a blurring effect of social identity, the situation is «constant uncertainty», «cultural supermarket.» Experts believe that the today young people of Kazakhstan are described as «an indifferent generation». Сharacteristics as independence and commitment are the key factors of self-realization of young generation at a very low level. As dominant values are appear the money, education and occupation, business career. The process of value formation among the young people as the most important mechanism of youth policy requires a state ideology. «Deideologization» of our society is an obstacle for the further implementation of the mechanism underlying the institutionalization of a single system of value orientations of modern young people of Kazakhstan. Keywords: ecological young people, youth policy, model of ideology, value orientation, values, social and political values, issues of language and media.
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