Philosophy of exhibition Аstana ЭКСПО- 2017 is a project «Energy of the future»

  • Р. С. Сартаева


In article it is noted that in successful realization of modernizationmost important tasks necessary for our country so-called breakthroughprojects which main feature is that they cover areas of the most differentphenomena of culture can play a big role. To such projects, accordingto the author of article, it is possible to carry the exhibition opening in2017 in Kazakhstan ASTANA EXPO-2017. It is claimed that it is possibleto call the Energy of the Future project declared as the main subject ofthe forthcoming exhibition philosophy ASTANA EXPO-2017 as this largescalecomprehensive project demands, respectively, the deepest, broad,integrated approach to the world and the person in it, that is philosophicalapproach.


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