Ways of formation of immunity against extremism, violence and aggression

  • Ш. С. Рысбекова Казахский национальный университет имени аль-Фараби


The article considers the problem of education tolerant personality. Researchers have noted the importance of moods and interethnic installations of the young people (18-25 years). This group - the group most easily mobilized for protests. The formation of tolerance - a long and complicated process, performed by the entire social reality, society, under the influence of relationships in the family, the educational institution established views and relations of its members to other people and society as a whole, under the influence of communication with peers and other people. One of the key directions of the fight against terrorist and extremist manifestations in the social environment is their prevention. Organization of abilities is necessary antipropoganda extremism in educational institutions. The solution to this question is the introduction into the curriculum of higher education subjects, illuminating the problem of protection against antipropoganda religious extremism. The course «Religious Studies» will provide an opportunity youth to adequately assess the social hazards associated with the manifestations of this phenomenon, to use the necessary forms of control in the case of of the psyche manipulation consciousness of men, help victims of religious organizations and cults totalitarian direction. Key words: extremism, abilities, young people, elective courses, educational program, religious studies, typology of destructive religious organizations, education of tolerant personality.
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