The image of prophecy in Sufism Yasawi

  • М. М. Мырзабеков Khoja Ahmed Yasawi International Kazakh-Turkish University


In this article, the author makes a theological analysis of the issue of prophecy in the teaching of Yasawi. The prophet is a messenger for transfer of Allah revelations to mankind. Therefore prophets, especially the prophet Muhammad was one of the main subjects of religious doctrines. In Diwani Hikmet (Divine Wisdom)of Ahmet Yassawi a prophecy, prophet Muhammad is described in an image of the wisest person. In the Hikmet approximate qualities of the prophet are perceived as the guide of spiritual perfection of the person. The moral and ethical categories taken from the Koran and the Prophet’s Sunnites are presented in doctrines of Yassawias “makam” – indicators in spiritual development of the person. unpretentiousness, indiscriminateness, humility (musamakh), asceticism, Zuhd (asceticism), sincerity, an abstemiousness, an inab to respond with good to the evil, justice, shame (haya), love to the person, Iman in Diwani Hikmet are considered as heritage of the prophet Muhammad and as his personal qualities. Also bases of emergence of the world of peculiar Sufi philosophy Muhammad Nur in a Hikmet is a special subject.Key words: Prophet, islam, maqam, faqr, mu’jiza, mi’raj, fana’, qana’at, zuhd.
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