Kazakh traditional music in the era of globalization

  • Г. Н. Омарова Kazakh national academy of arts named after T.K. Zhurgenov


In G. Omarova’s article «Kazakh traditional music in the era of globalization» is told about the problems of ethno-historical study of the Kazakh music.The problems arise from the lack of questions about periodization of traditional music and its linguistic characteristics in Kazakh musicology. Particular attention is focused on the study of professional art of oral tradition an-kui-zhyr and its regional styles as they arebasics of historical perspective of formation and development of national musical traditions. Great attention in the article is given to the current situation of the Kazakh traditional music as a national classic in contemporary culture. In the article the author concluded the necessity of a special state program of national musical traditions preservation and development in the era of globalization (opening of the national center of traditional music, the Academy of national culture and art, creation of a system of General aesthetic education of children on the basis of national musical classic).Key words: national culture, nomadic civilization, regional tradition, the Kazakh musical language, globalization, cultural code, aesthetic education.
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