Activities and Challenges Islamist currents in modern Kazakhstan

  • Н. Ж. Байтенова
  • Ш. С. Рысбекова
  • А. Қ. Дүйсенбаева


The article deals with the peculiarities and urgent issues of Islamicmovements in the present-day Kazakhstan. The research shows thenegative effects and consequences of such Islamic movements, spreadthroughout the Republic. It describes the origins of these Islamic movementsconducting missionary work as well as their work in the Republicof Kazakhstan. The article examines the damage caused by such Islamicmovements as Hizb ut-Tahrir and Salafism on the republic’s territory andraises the problem of religious literacy. It gives the current statistics andthe information on the measures taken by the authorities concerning thisproblem. The author examines the reasons for the spread of the unconventionalIslamic movements in our society and gives a number of suggestionsas to prevent them from growing. The article aims at preventing the spreadof extremist and terrorist doctrines and giving thorough information aboutIslamic movements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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Islam, unconventional Islamic movements, missionary, terrorism, extremism, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Salafism.