Historico-philosophical views of G. Bolingbrok

  • З. Н. Хибина Aktobe Regional State University named after K. Zhubanov
  • н. Н. Хибина Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


In this article is considered historico-philosophical views of the English educator Henry Sent-Dzhona Bolingbrok. According to lord Henry Bolingbrok, «all personal and public misfortunes» result from the fact that «close, though smaller, the benefit will define behavior of most of people as opposed to much bigger, but more remote – even to our own measures – to the benefit».»Instant» and «powerful» passions cause behavior of the person than «slow» and «cold» reason incommensurably more effectively – G. Bolingbrok believed. «As the period of miracles and revelations remained behind, the person has no different way to know about the future, than to try to expect him, proceeding from history of the past and the present». The main thing for Henry Bolingbrok, in this sense, disclosure of potential of historical material for needs not only the present, but also future. According to G. Bolingbrok, historical knowledge – the prerequisite and a basis of human knowledge per se.Key words: G.Bolingbrok, English educator, education, historical and philosophical views, historical knowledge, rationalism, humanism, historical fact, historical criticism, historical reality.
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