Theoretic and methodology aspects of globalization

  • Д. А. Пардабеков Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  • Б. Б. Мейрбаев Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


Globalization – one of the most popular problems of modern researches, but now there is not the integral understanding of essence and mechanisms of this process. The own understanding of essence of globalization is developed in every separate area of knowledge, that often not comparably with conception in other area of science. Such differing in opinions provokes the groundlessness of modern interpretations of globalizations, in particular case in the separate spheres of public life. Therefore this article is devoted the analysis of theoretic and methodology aspects of globalization. As a result of research, essence and history of concept were considered globalization; influence of globalization is analysed on society on the whole, and ethnic, cultural and religious co-operations in particular; on a concrete example (Kazakhstan) influence of globalization is described on transformation of society. Work is executed in tune with modern conceptions of philosophy, sociology, political science, psychology, based on scientific principles of historical methods and objectivity. Such scientific and specially scientific methodswere utilized in the research: comparatively-historical; problem-chronologic; system-structural; retrospective, historical and philosophical analysis. As an anchorman a dialectical method is select. As a result of research a hypothesis was confirmed that, in spite of the accepted conception about disappearance of scopes as a result of globalization of the world, in ethnic and religious aspect in the process of globalization they, vice versa, are saved, sharpened even. Thus, research results will strengthen the theoretical base of globalization, and also will allow to form new approach in the decision of nationally-religious questions in the context of globalization.
Key words: globalization, ethnocultural aspect, religious aspect, sociocultural space, nation.
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