On the theoretical and practical importance of the music art of Al-Farabi

  • П. М. Сулейменов Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  • Г. А. Абдихапарова Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


In this article, further explored the theoretical and practical importance of music al-Farabi. In addition, it specifies that al-Farabi was not only a solo artist, as well as a great explorer and a great music theorist. He’s volume work called «The Great Book of Music» has been unanimously recognized by many historians of music, and is included among the important works on the theory of music. Al-Farabi is relatively regarded the work of other scientistsat systematization of the theory of music. According to al-Farabi, it is necessary not to confuse the science of music, with his theory, that is, work practice, playing music, and so on should not be confused with the purely practical questions. For example, this paper describes the beginning of the two-tone musical system, which is widely used in the theory and practice of music at the moment. There are extensively covered philosophical questions of science, telling the new principles and judgments of physics and mathematics, in addition, covered the importance of the theory and practice of music.
Key words: music, rhythms, practice, ringtones, music theory, experiment, acoustics, art, a sense of musical intervals.
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