Historical and philosophical aspects of the theory of Western modernization

  • С. Қайратұлы Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  • Ә. Құранбек Zhetysu state university named after I. Zhansugurov


The article examines the social and philosophical aspects of the theories and processes of Western modernization. Theories of modernization are an analysis of the cognitive descriptions of the transformation of a traditional or backward society into a modern one. Often modernization theories are united by the search for a common model of global world transformation, while it is assumed that the complete transformation of social, cultural and political models of Western societies depends on their influence on the world order. At the same time, the research interest is aimed precisely at identifying the scientific, theoretical and philosophical foundations of modernization processes, their role in the development of modern society as a whole. The results of a scientific study of modernization processes in modern Western theories are particularly relevant. Modernization as a multifaceted social phenomenon has a profound impact on the political, economic, sociocultural and spiritual spheres of life as a separate individual, and on society as a whole. In-depth analysis of the social and philosophical foundations of the  various aspects of modernization, to identify possible modernization process affects the consciousness of the nation, generates a range of topical issues in the center of which the issues of preserving national identity and justification of the strategic projects of the state of the globalization era.
Key words: modernization, Western modernization, capitalism, tradition and innovation, social philosophy.
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